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Gunnar Wille was born in 1946. He has been working with film, theatre and television since the early seventies. He has written and directed animated films. Written and dramatised series for radio. He has written and illustrated books and they are read by most children in Denmark.


In addition to this, Gunnar Wille has written and directed theatre plays. Written and made audiobooks, all dramatised versions off his books with very sophisticated sound track.


Gunnar Wille has made computer animated experiment and explored fragmented narrative in computer games, TV shows and books. Has developed a large project with fragmented narratives in a variety of media.


From 1992 to 2016 Gunnar Wille was head of the animation department at The National Film School of Denmark. Head of DADIU, The Danish National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment in 2005 to 2016 ( Head of EUCROMA, The European Cross media Academy 2011-14.





    Work in progress:

The Fragmented Connection, total experiment, started in 2001

The Boys – six books about five different boys living in Denmark between 1952 and 2013.

The ugly carpet peer – series about an aliens from the planet Prout.

Gunnar Wille talks – educational video series about movies and game production


    Animation (among other things): As director:

The Working Environmentalists, 1985

Bang in the head, 10 small films, 1988

AGONY, 1993

Space Wreck, 1998

Director of a film Europa.2190 for the Denver Planetarium Dome . 2004


    Television(among other things): As director:

Magical Mads and the big search, 1980

The Skrump from outer space, 1983

Magical Mads, 1984

The Fab family, 1985

Dr. Willes Wunderbare World  2012


    Radio series(among other things): As director:

The Indian War, 1977

Magical Mads, 1978, 1979 and 1980

The Skrump from the outer space, 1982

Willes crazy musik history, 1990


    Theatre(among other things): As director:

A giraffe called Knud, 1985

Frog's legs and bombs, 1987

Men never think about sex, 1988

The Magic Flute with music by Mozart, 1989


    Experiments: As director,

The Arnold Knyst Show, a multimedia show, 1976.

The Maze, sound concert in darkness, 1992

How to avoid death, sound concert in darkness 1993

3 city dance, internet-experiment with Charlie Morrow, 1998



The Eternal Universe and Sofa, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, 2001 Alphabet - Graffiti Alphabet at Kulturanstalten together with Andersen Peter & Martin Frandsen (April 2017)


    Experimental Films:

Portrait of The foreign minister of Denmark, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft, 2002

Sofa Pieces, short films 2002

A Space In Space - Symphony for symphony orchestra, electronic and interactive animated picture flow with composer Hans Erik Phillip. 2006


    Educations: As creator

The Animations Director Education at The National Film School of Denmark 1992

DADIU - The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment 2005

EUCROMA - The European Cross Media Academy 2012


    BOOKS As illustrator and writer

1)    Parakurt   agent A 38  nr. 1 (1974)

2)    A trip to the shop (1975)

3)    Liselotte and Hugo on the building site(1975)

4)    Operation Hubert (1976)

5)    Parakurt   agent A 38  nr. 2 (1976)

6)    Magical Mads (1981)

7)    Ritas clothes (1981)

8)    Magical Mads and the red bus (1981)

9)    Magical Mads go to work (1982)

10)   The Skrump from the outer space (1982)

11)   Magical Mads and the big search (1992)

12)   Ritas Christmas (1982)

13)   The collar (by H.C.Andersen   illustrated) (1983)

14)   Magical Mads on summer holidays (1993)

15)   The Skrump goes to Snuq (1984)

16)   A giraffe called Knud (1985)

17)   The Fab family (1986)

18)   The Fab family burns down the television (1987)

19)   The Skrump and the striped cartree (1987)

20)   The Working Environmentalists (1988)

21)   The Skrump and the telepathic breadfruit 1990)

22)   Pepino and his family (1992)

23)   The inner tarantula (1997)

24)   The Angry Boy (2005)

29)   Dying - A small book about the death (2010)

30)   The Skrump from the outer space (new version 2013)

30)   The Skrump goes to Snuq (new version 2013)

31)   The Skrump - the striped cartree (new version 2013)

32)   The Skrump - the telepathic breadfruit (new version 2014)

33)   The Skrump - telepathic clothing and brain-controlled art (2014)

34)   Ritas Christmas (new version 2014)

35)   The Skrump - the doomsday machine (2015)

36)   The Scared Boy  - volume 1 in the series “The Wille Boys” (2017)

37)   The Angry Boy - volume 2 in the series "The Wille Boys" (2017)

38)   The Silent Boy - volume 3 in the series "The Wille Boys" (2018)

39)   The Wise Boy - volume 4 in the series "The Wille Boys" (2018)

40)   The Strong Boy - volume 45in the series "The Wille Boys" (2019)