Image stream by Gunnar Wille and music by Hans-Erik Philip.

A Space In Space

World Premiere Tycho Brahe Planetarium 2006


A person recalls. A stream of images flowing between

the stars, along with giant surfaces of music.

Pieces that life mirrored in the infinite universe. Beauty and humor. A boy with a gun - two galaxies collide. We are between

stars, gas clouds, planets and breakfast with coffee and crispbread. It's like standing a starry night on a lonely hilltop and looking up in Milky Way. One perceives his own presence in the infinity of the universe.


Gunnar Wille and Hans-Erik Philip have created a unique piece of work. Orchestra music and film composed especially for planetarial magic room.


You just have to sit back, look at the stars and let it happen,

as a journey into a human being, and a journey into the universe on one wave of music.

A human being in life.

A space in space.




Credit to A Space In Space


Image Stream - Gunnar Wille

Music - Hans Erik Philip



The man - Gunnar Wille

The man as a boy - Martin Lorenzen

The man's brother as a boy - Ronni Lorenzen

The man as young - Mads Wille

A young woman - Rie Nørgaard


    music Recording

Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Choir.

Béla Drahos: Conductor



Mónika Juhász Miczura: Soprano

György Geiger: Trumpet



DCD 8221 available on Danica Records


    Music Mix

Ole Chr. Hansen, Soundtrack


    Final Mix

Andreas Kongsgaard Mogensen

C. H. Engelbrecht - Production Assistant


    Technical consultant for final mix

Jens Rud - Round Sound




    Recording the two boys in the sofa

Instruction - Mads Wille

Casting - Anja Philip

Costumierer - Lone Fris

Hairdresser - Knight


    Mask to the man as old

Thomas Foldberg



Gunnar Wille ApS

Producer Tina Sørensen



Ministry of Culture's Development Fund